Water features not only add visual appeal to residential and commercial landscapes but also ignite the senses through sound. The addition of custom water features can greatly enhance the ambiance of any indoor or outdoor space, while also imparting a sense of tranquility and relaxation. At Botanical Visions, our landscape architects and designers utilize an array of water feature designs to make a splash in both interior and exterior landscapes.

Anything with water, from small bird baths to elaborate fountains, can be incorporated into a finished landscape. Water can be the main attraction or can set the stage for living organisms to flourish, such as fish, Koi, turtles and living plants. We work closely with clients to determine their likes and dislikes, budget and the feeling they hope to evoke through the addition of water and then design features that are breathtaking, tranquil and impactful.

Some of the fabulous custom water features designed by our staff include:

  • Multi-tiered fountains
  • Water walls
  • Waterfalls
  • Bubble walls
  • Rain curtains
  • Garden fountains
  • Garden ponds
  • Bird baths
  • Reflecting pools

Our first-class water features have served as focal points in residential homes, luxury estates, gated communities, office complexes and more. From design through to completed installation, our dedicated team ensures that the water features we create are eye-catching, functional and built to last.

For more information about our water feature design and installation services in South Florida, contact us at 561-361-6677.