Living walls are unique structural elements that incorporate live plants into vertical wall structures, complete with sub-irrigation systems to keep plants watered. Botanical Visions designs and builds living walls in South Florida for both indoor and outdoor use, adding interest, intrigue and even health benefits to commercial properties throughout the state. We also offer specialized maintenance of living walls, an important component of keeping the living structures thriving over time.

While many living walls add visual appeal to exterior spaces, such as in hotel entrances, the unique living architectural features can also enhance the aesthetics and air quality of indoor spaces, such as in the lobbies of commercial offices. Whether indoors or outside, in full sun or shade, our landscape architects and horticultural specialists are experienced in selecting the proper plants for each environment, ensuring your living wall imparts beauty and other benefits for years to come.

In addition to custom-designed living walls, created primarily for commercial properties, our Vice President of Landscape Architecture, Pamela Crawford, has invented a unique modular planting system that provides homeowners with the opportunity to create a living wall just about anywhere. Pamela’s living wall planters have been featured in Southern Living magazine, as well as in numerous newspaper articles, and can be customized to create the ideal living wall environment in any residential or commercial space.

For more information about our living wall design, installation and maintenance services in South Florida, contact us at 561-361-6677.