Landscape Design

At Botanical Visions, all of our landscape design work in South Florida is performed by degreed and licensed landscape architects and horticulture specialists. This benefits you, our client, for a number of reasons. Our landscape architects have years of education and experience behind them and understand the importance of taking specific elements into consideration when planning an overall landscape design.

Memorable landscapes reach out to all five senses. Sight is excited by plant selection, colors, placement and views which promote harmony and beauty. Sound can be created through the addition of water features, bird-attracting plants and swaying Bamboos. Many tropical and sub-tropical plants emit intoxicating fragrances and edible plantings are becoming wildly popular. The textures and feel of plants are limitless and fascinating. Our team knows just how to incorporate elements into each landscape design that ignite the senses.

In addition to improving curb appeal and property aesthetics, plants, trees, pools and hardscape elements increase property values. Well-planned landscape designs can also include the placement of plantings to reduce energy bills and to extend the living space into the outdoors. Plant selection and placement are also environmentally important because they can attract wildlife and dictate fertilizer, pesticide and water usage.

During the landscape design process, we sit down with each client to discuss various parameters that will impact the finished design, including likes and dislikes, usage and budget. We then create a comprehensive landscape design intended to turn your dreams into reality. Our designs are provided to you in a variety of forms so you can best see how the finished project will look and feel, including watercolor sketches, autoCAD drawings and 3D renderings.

We offer landscape design services in South Florida for high-end residential and commercial projects – if you can dream it, we can design it.

For more information about our landscape design services in South Florida, contact us at 561-361-6677.