Landscape Lighting

At Botanical Visions, we are experts at highlighting the importance of key elements in a landscape design for architectural purposes and imparting drama through the use of well-planned landscape lighting. The primary goal of landscape lighting is to accentuate details of a landscape, adding interest, ambiance and intrigue while creating a memorable experience.

How an object is illuminated is just as important as what light is being focused upon. We integrate art and function while manipulating light and shadow to emphasize and highlight architectural features, plant textures, spaces and colors. Through the precise use of light and shadow, we add depth, intent and emotion to exterior environments.

Landscape lighting serves as the finishing touch of a professionally-designed landscape. Utilizing high-quality lighting and advanced technology, we enhance function and extend the aesthetic impact of outdoor spaces long into the night. Additionally, well-placed lights provide added safety and security.

Our experienced landscape architects and designers employ a variety of landscape lighting techniques for maximum effectiveness, including downlighting, uplighting, backlighting, moon lighting and “conceal and reveal”, among others. The impact of our lighting designs result in surreal environments when the sun goes down, extending the impact of landscaped spaces after dark.

For more information about our landscape lighting services in South Florida, contact us at 561-361-6677.