Residential Landscape Design

Your home is your sanctuary and the landscape professionals at Botanical Visions share their passion, creativity and innovation when creating residential landscape designs that dazzle and excite homeowners across South Florida. Whether you are interested in creating a tranquil sanctuary in your backyard or an eye-catching landscape to enhance the curb appeal of your luxury home, we can design outdoor spaces that turn your dreams into reality.

Our team of degreed and licensed landscape architects, landscape designers and horticultural specialists have years of experience creating residential landscapes that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. From manicured gardens and Florida-friendly yards to swimming pools, water features and hardscape elements, we know how to engage all senses to enhance the outdoor experience.

We begin by working one-on-one with each client to determine likes and dislikes, usage requirements and budget. Then we get to work creating detailed landscape designs that excite. Our goal is to incorporate naturescapes using native species as well as xeriscapes that minimize irrigation needs whenever possible. Our installation crews are managed by a degreed professional through every step of the process, ensuring that finished projects exceed expectations. Once we begin the install phase of a project, we don’t leave until it’s completed and has met the homeowner’s approval.

South Florida homeowners deserve to enjoy all aspects of their outdoor living areas. The Botanical Visions team is dedicated to helping enhance the beauty and functionality of those spaces.

For more information about our residential landscape design and installation services in South Florida, contact us at 561-361-6677.