The Significance of Hiring a Professional Landscape Architect 

If you are looking for an aesthetic outcome of landmarks and structure with an improved social and behavioral ambiance, you need a professional landscape architect. The role of a landscape architect mainly comprises of the designing and installation of high-end residential or commercial landscaping projects. In addition to the specialization in the relevant field, it might be beneficial if the landscape architect possesses a necessary license from the State regulatory authorities.

Do You Need a Professional?

Many people feel that a professional landscape architect is not required and anyone with some knowledge in horticulture would suffice the purpose. The exposure of a horticulturist is limited to a small field and he might not be an expert in analysis, designing, planning, and managing the projects. 

It might surprise you that the landscape designers and architects are exclusively engaged at the famous company Botanical Visions. All the architects are qualified and undertaken necessary training with the required license. In addition, they also possess errors and omissions insurance, which is a rare specialty among the companies in the industry.

Botanical Visions have an edge over other companies in offering you a comprehensive service in other related fields such as water run-off, critical landscape design viability over a long period. Thus, the vision of our experts includes creating an environment with a combination of plant materials, stone, sculpture, and other hardscape elements, which present you an amazing ambiance.

Benefits To Derive From A Landscape Architect

The landscape architecture is not a simple exercise of planting and building some structures around the trees. He has to ensure that you have a luxury of relaxing in a beautiful functional outdoor environment to soothe the body physically and mentally.

Botanical vision Garden South Florida

The truly professional landscape architect can indeed offer you more tangible and intangible benefits. The eye-catching environment and amazing ambiance is the first benefit anyone visualizes when he approaches an architect. Beyond the above, the expert in the field can assure you many advantages like,

  • Energy Saving: Proper utilization of trees, shrubs, and other plants to the maximum advantage can keep the environment cool and pleasant. The expert in landscaping is in a better position to identify the greenery required for ideal cooling effects, which relax the body both physically and mentally. The natural environment created by a specialist would minimize the external and manmade gadgets to reduce the atmospheric temperature. Thus, the electric consumption would drastically reduce resulting in saving on the energy bills. Many people have experienced that electric bills have come down to a whopping 50% of the original bill before the landscape architect suggested necessary modifications.


  • Bioremediation: The high volume of traffic on the roads coupled with the widely industrialized world, higher levels of toxins, and other undesirable air-borne contents have a direct impact on the health of the residents around. However, proper utilization of the naturally available trees, fungi, or microbes can turn the tables around and create a more congenial atmosphere. The ideal landscape environment created by the landscape architect can neutralize the ill effects of polluted environs into a green-space, which ensures healthier and qualitative air to breathe.


  • Healing Gardens: In association with the medical professionals, they can enhance their domain knowledge in creating ideal landscape designs, which help in reducing the stress level. In addition, the greenery in which you live would enable to boost your immune system that directly has a benefit of prevention of many diseases and alleviation of Alzheimer symptoms. It is also a fact that the conducive environment encourages people for more physical activity ensuring better health conditions thus avoiding occasional visits to the health provider.

Botanical vision Garden South Florida

  • Sustainable and Healthier Environment: No doubt, with rigorous research in the environment-friendly activities, the technological advancements made would result in a breakthrough in achieving more sustainable, healthier, and livable environment.


  • Green Terrace: The benefits of landscape architecture have replaced the black tar topping the terrace to an alternative of the green terrace on the residential buildings or commercial complex. You can also think of “living roof” or the green roof for garages too with low-growing grasses and sedums. This would result in optimum urban air temperature.


  • More than Aesthetic Value: The appropriate landscape architecture can not only add aesthetic value but also create bio-filtration swales in urban areas, which otherwise witness more concrete structures. The bio-filtration can receive the stormwater runoff and withstand erosion and flooding.


  • Softens Symptoms of ADHD: It is reported that 11% of the children are affected by the symptoms of Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder. The research has shown that the children exposed to the greenery environment have considerable improvement in the symptoms of ADHD.

The professional architects of Botanical Visions believe that the plants and soil would significantly ensure a reduction in the heat radiation level and air temperature levels. You can opt for rainwater storing system. The optimal reduction of water consumption could add to the green environment. The cooling effects of the trees can make the environment healthier with their inherent dramatic positive impact by reducing the urban heat. 

These benefits and thoughts will encourage you to look out for a professional landscape architect from Botanical Visions. The company has successfully completed several landscape projects, which has bestowed it a great recognition and showered several awards.

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